Nikki Guide

!Making this guide was hard work, so please respect it and include a link/credit to this blog when sharing the images.

This Blog is going to be a complete guide for all the Nikki dress up games
– hopefully (-_-;)・・・

Currently it only contains a walk-through for the game Nikki Up2u, because I haven’t played the other games yet. I try to keep all the outfits as cheap and easy as possible.

If you have any questions, feedback or anything else feel free to left a comment or contact me here.I’ll try to reply as soon as possible.

There is actually nothing more to say – Hope you enjoy this blog
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96-101 (Page 20&21)

96.Long weekend 1

97.Mysterious Guest

98.Long Weekend 2

same as in task >> “97.Mysterious Guest”

99.Unexpected issue

same as in task >> “97.Mysterious Guest”

100.Long weekend 3

101.Nikki UP2U II

81-85 (Page 17)

81.Merry Christmas! 1

82.Merry Christmas! 2

same as in task >> “81.Merry Christmas! 1”

83.Happy New Year

84.Witch under the Cherry Tree

85.Cherry Blossom Celebration

same as in the task >> “84.Witch under the cherry tree”

76-80 (Page 16)

76.Let’ go karaoke

77.Grocery shopping is painful

same as in task >> “76.Let’ go karaoke”

78.Should stand out in talent shows!

same as in task >> “76.Let’ go karaoke”

79.Should learn to drive

same as in task >> “76.Let’ go karaoke”

80.Shop for accessories

same as in task >> “76.Let’ go karaoke”

71-75 (Page 15)

71.Let’s go painting!

72.Shining star 12

73.I’m sick

74.Premiere of the Titanic!

same as in the task >> “73.I’m sick”

75.The Romance of Mystery 11