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Here you’ll find S and A Rank outfits for the game Nikki Up2u-A dressing story. I’ve tried to keep the outfits as cheap as possible.

You have to get at least 10 A Rank to complete the “Beginner to the fashion world” task in the diary and receive 12000coins.

Also F ranks are important to complete the task “Jackie’s nightmare” in the diary and receive a grey skirt. It says that 50 F’s are required but you actually only need 20F. For most tasks the blue bikini is perfect for getting an F.

*In the newest update of the game, it is very hard to get coins. You won’t get coins anymore when finishing a task in Story even if you get an S rate. The only way to get coins, is to finish the tasks in Diary.

But this is only in the English version. In the Japanese version of the game you still receive coins when finishing story tasks.

*Even with the English version you still can follow this guide and complete all the tasks, because I don’t use any expensive clothes. I almost only use the starter pack clothes.


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