51-55 (Page 11)

51.A terrific cosplay!


53.Go experience the countryside!

54.The Romance of Mystery 8



46-50 (Page 10)


47.Cram before the final

same as in task >> “Librarian”

48.Work out in the gym

49.Will I be a model?!

same as in task >> “48.Work out in the gym”

50.Shining Star 8


41-45 (Page 9)

41.The Romance of Mystery 7

42.Should be high-class sometimes

43.Working is a good way to kill time

44.Graveyard visit is grave

(add the cross necklace – the starter accessory)

45.Shining Star 7

6-10 (Page 2)

6.Try on the maid’s costume

7.The Romance of Mystery 2

8.Dad’s photography exhibition

same as in task >> “7.The romance of Mystery 2”

9.May I drink sometimes?

same as in task >> “7.The romance of Mystery 2”

10.Shining star2

Shoes: the brown one that I use all the time